Monday, January 20, 2014

Revision is the name of the game

Author M. R. Pritchard was kind enough to look over my manuscript for me. She believes that there are several areas of the story that need fleshing out, and that once that is all done THE SENTIENT may be an entire novel by itself, as I originally planned. In that case, THE PROPHECY would once again be the sequel, separate.

Pritchard's suggestions have been very helpful, and so in response I have given her a token of my goodwill and affection ((insert maniacal laughter)). 

I am very excited to keep working on the revisions now. If only pesky work and family life wouldn't keep getting in the way!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


THE PROPHECY is up to over 18,000 words, which means the manuscript in its entirety (THE SENTIENT plus THE PROPHECY) is at 64,000. I am loving it, and am super excited to keep writing.

P.S. Um, is it possible to love some of your characters a little too much? To wish they weren't just figments of your imagination? Some of these people are so much fun to write...