Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Benefits of Proofreading

Of course proofreading is essential, but to highlight just how important it is, I'd like to share something one of my betareaders found and pointed out to me. In THE SENTIENT, Anna is trying to gain access to a building through one of its windows, and when she tugs the screen out she is supposed hear a satisfying popping noise. However, what it actually said she heard was a satisfying pooping noise.

As tempting as it is to leave the wording the way it is (what's more satisfying than a good poo, really?), I'm not sure it would be doing the book any favors. And so, popping it is.

Heh heh. Poop.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

So, there's this thing called the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. And it's pretty awesome. I have submitted a manuscript, and am reallllly super excited! Even if your manuscript doesn't place in one of the categories that wins publication and a cash prize, if it gets far enough in the contest it could still get reviewed by professional editors and such. More people giving an honest critique can only help you improve your work.

Or you can just go ahead and get the professional reviews, the publication, and the cash. Giggity.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Status Update

Okay, I have finished this set of revisions on THE SENTIENT. I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. It is just over 60,000 words now. If I decide to go the traditional publishing route, a book for adult readers really should be more like 80,000 words. The other option would be to self-publish, which allows more leeway. I am going to set this one aside for a while. When I come back to it I can view it again through fresh eyes, and get a more objective picture of what it is I've got. Then I can decide if there is more I want to add, how else I might want to tweak it. In the meantime, I have it out to two more beta readers who can give me their input.

Many thanks, again, to M. R. Pritchard for her helpful suggestions from another writer's perspective! And for showing me some of the ropes behind the publishing industry.

So what will I do while THE SENTIENT is "ripening"? I don't want to write any more of THE PROPHECY just yet, because any other changes and additions I might decide to make to THE SENTIENT could potentially affect the second part of the story. So that project is on hold for now.

Instead, I have started a new, unrelated book. I have only just begun writing it, but I am super excited! For the time being I have given it the working title of REFLECTIONS OF TREACHERY. Not sure if that will stick or not, but I mainly just wanted to have something to write up in the tab for its blog page :)

For right now it's more hurry up and wait, but I do hope to have real, solid results soon, so that I can actually share these books with people instead of just telling you all about them! Eek!